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Looking for development of novel immunotherapies against COVID19 based on chimeric virus like particles

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20 janvier 2021

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31 mars 2021



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Médicaments et Biotechs

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The Spanish biotech has a proven platform technology of chimeric virus like particles that would display selected antigens to elicit strong immune responses in humans.

The company is looking for partners who could support the screening and selection of COVID19 antigens for the prototyping and partners who could demonstrate the immunogenicity and efficacy of prototypes against COVID19.

The company is looking for partners to develop the following activities (type of partner and role included in the descriptions):

  • Partners specialized in the immunology of COVID19 from universities to R&D institutions and all sizes of companies, able to guide the design with the selection of the most immunogenic epitopes. These partners will be involved in the design of prototypes (phase 1).
  • Partners specialized in the preclinical proof of concept experiments, able to design, conduct and analyse the results with the generated prototypes. These partners will be involved in the immunogenicity & efficacy in vitro/in vivo tests (phase 3).

A technical cooperation agreement and research cooperation agreements are sought with partners wishing to work with the company to participate in the project from the concept stage to the market.

A joint venture agreement is sought with partners who wish to set-up a new venture with the company to exploit the new therapy.

If you are interested, ask to be put in touch with an advisor who can tell you more about this business opportunity and how to position yourself.