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Looking for partners in developing industrial monitoring systems

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25 janvier 2021

Date de clôture

31 mars 2021



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Industries du futur (matériaux et process)

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A Turkish IT company which is developing industrial monitoring systems for metal kitchenware sector looks for partners under a commercial agreement with technical assistance or license agreement

An IT company develops several business process management and mobile applications.

The company conducts a project which aims to develop a factory monitoring system for metal kitchenware manufacturers.

The cost effective hardware for entire systems and technical assistance for the image processing stage are seeked.

The company is interested in working with any size of companies that can contribute the project.

The Monitoring hardware manufacturers are expected to contribute project in terms of selection of suitable devices and supply for the future sales.

The IT companies should support the image processing works during the project as well as the commercialization stage.

If you are interested, ask to be put in touch with an advisor who can tell you more about this business opportunity and how to position yourself.