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Research or technical cooperation agreement for a fuel cell powered, vertical take-off and landing UAV

A German startup has developed a highly autonomous vertical take-off and landing, fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). A fuel cell and a low structure weight allow a high payload (up to 10 kg) and a long range (up to 700 km). This can be used for inspection, maintenance and surveillance of large infrastructures or the surveying of transport networks.

Publié le

1er février 2021

Date de clôture

31 mars 2021



Marché(s) cible(s)

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Type de collaboration recherchée


The company is looking for large companies that want to automate their processes in the following fields:

  • Inspection
  • maintenance
  • surveillance/surveying of large infrastructure or transport networks.

Such companies are sought to test the company´s unmanned aerial vehicle and the appropriate sensor system for further use under real-life conditions through a technical agreement or a research cooperation agreement.  

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