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7 janvier 2021

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31 mai 2021


Mumbay, INDE

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Power Manipulator (PM), a bridge mounted electrical manipulator, is required for various remotely operated material handling operation and maintenance activities

The eight axis manipulator of 40 Kgf capacity in grip has been designed to hold the load in fail safe manner.

The power manipulator is also designed with one hook block at last telescopic tube for lifting 1000Kg weight and also to assist various different operations in conjunction with in-cell crane.

Additionally, one auxiliary hoist assembly of 0.5Te is also mounted on the same CT trolley in east side.

PM will be operated using pendant controls from different locations outside of the cell/bay by viewing through radiation shielding window and  ay.work station monitor screen.

For minor maintenance, PM can be safely brought to the maintenance bay.


1. Electric operated Telescopic boom

2. Articulated 5 degree freedom Power manipulator

3. Remote operated pendent section

4. Auxiliary hoist assembly (having weight of 500Kg) and hook capacity 1000 kg

Consult the technical specifications.

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