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A Chinese company is looking for high-value-added apple processing or extraction technologies and production lines through commercial agreement with technical assistance

This Chinese company, founded in 2014, is a leading company of agricultural industrialization in a Northern Chinese province. With a growing domestic and global demand for processed agricultural products, it is now seeking from overseas partners for deep processing technologies and production lines for fruits and vegetables, and for apples in particular. Such cooperation could be worked out via commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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29 juillet 2021

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31 octobre 2021



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Solutions pour les industries agricoles et alimentaires

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The Chinese company hopes to find companies with international leading mature technology which has been applied in the market.

Ideal partners should have the Chinese company's desired technology or production equipment related with fruit low-temperature pressing, ultra-fine grinding, low-temperature sterilization, differential pressure flash combined drying, vacuum freeze-drying, vacuum low-temperature oil bath, high-quality and rapid drying of skin dregs, efficient separation and extraction, balanced nutritional function compounding, color and aroma maintenance and regulation. In the meantime, the technology should have a track record of market application for a long time. Confirmed partners will be responsible for provision of such technologies or production equipment for the Chinese company via commercial agreement with technical assistance. The confirmed partner will help with the Chinese company's trouble shooting while adopting the foreign partner's know-how via on-site visit or video guidance. It will also be ideal that the partner could assist with the Chinese company's assesment of figures obtained from production.

Nb :   active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - TRCN20210601001