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Marché(s) cible(s) Automobile, Transports ferroviaires et urbains
Type de collaboration recherchée Fournisseur
Lieu Roumanie

Présentation de l'entreprise

A Romanian manufacturer of modular wooden houses and tiny houses

The Romanian company, manufactures prefabricated modular homes and tiny houses designed to eliminate the complexity and stress associated with building a traditional home. They have developed a housing solution that respects both quality and convenience, with each home built reflecting attention to detail and respect for the environment. The company is looking for a long-term collaboration with producers and distributors of trailers for the transportation of houses.

The company seeks international suppliers of Tiny house trailer.

Interested partners should offer to the Romanian company a detailed list of the product, certifications held, and technical specifications.

The company seeks reliable partners under supplier agreements with documented and stable markets and sales.

Product Quality: The basic expectation is that the partner provides high quality trailers that meet all relevant standards and regulations.

Meeting Delivery Deadlines: The Partner should deliver the trailer according to the agreed deadlines and schedules. This is essential to avoid delays in production or mobile home delivery.

Technical Support and Advice: The partner should provide technical support and advice on trailer specifications, available options and legal requirements for transport.

Flexibility: It is important that the partner is willing to work with the company to adapt the trailer design to the specific needs of mobile homes.

Trailer Production: The partner should produce and deliver the trailer according to the company's specifications and requirements. This involves ensuring that the trailer has the required dimensions, load capacity and features.

Documentation and Approvals Assistance: The partner could help with the necessary documentation to obtain the necessary approvals and permits to transport the trailer.

After-Sales Support: After delivery of the trailer, the partner should provide after-sales support for any questions or problems related to its operation or maintenance.

Efficient Collaboration: The partner should work closely with the company's team to ensure efficient integration of the trailer into the mobile home construction process.

Compliance with Regulations: The partner should ensure that the trailer complies with all legal regulations and requirements for transport on public roads.

Active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - REF BRRO20231113014