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An Austrian SME dedicated to designing and retailing specially designed T-shirts tailored for people who frequently go to the gym and therefore have unique body shapes and proportions. While focusing on sustainability they are creating a unique and inclusive T-Shirt brand suitable for everyday use.

They are looking for a producer for T-shirts. The company focuses on sustainability and quality of the products, and the manufacturer should reflect those values. The sale of the T-shirts, including storage and dispatch, will be carried out by them. Currently, they are gearing up for a production run of around 500 pieces. This quantity is distributed across multiple sizes and colours. The T-shirts are currently available in three different colours and a variety of sizes. The manufacturer should be flexible, especially regarding the quantity produced. The company is inviting potential producers to partner with them in bringing this eco-friendly and high-quality T-shirt to the market.

Active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - REF BRAT20231212004