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Development of novel surfaces to optimise haptic properties of products in various sectors

An Austrian R&D institute is developing a new technology aiming to quantify the haptic appearance of a product via its surface and material properties. The institute seeks partners to develop this technology and to use it profitably. The aim is to produce product surfaces with the desired haptics, to predict the haptics of new products and to evaluate new surfaces. Both virtual reality and artificial intelligence are used. The institute seeks partners for technical and/or research cooperation.

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11 mai 2021

Date de clôture

31 juillet 2021



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Logiciels (d'entreprises, e-gov, big data, IA…)

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The R&D Institute is looking for partner companies for technology and/or research cooperation in the field of haptics. The partner company should manufacture the specimen, which will be examined at the R&D institute in order to optimise the haptic appearance. The company is asked to change the manufacturing process according to the results from the R&D institute in order to create the right material and surface properties that give the desired haptic appearance.

The objective is to optimise the haptics of the specimen in a targeted manner and to gain experience that allows the prediction of haptics of new products (based on the surface and material parameters) in addition to evaluation of new surface variations.

Nb :   active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - TRAT20200421001