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A fast-growing Belgian company is looking for a sustainable European partner for the production of period underwear and swimwear. The partner should guarantee high-quality products and use sustainable materials (Oekotex STANDARD 100, no use of PFAS, PFAO).

The company specializes in high-quality bamboo panties for optimal menstrual comfort. Hypoallergenic and with a four-layer structure for excellent absorption, the focus is on providing security for customers (teenagers and women). Their partner should ensure that top-quality remains a priority.

Additionally, they offer menstrual swimwear and would prefer a partner with swimwear manufacturing capabilities.

They are looking for a partner with extensive experience in producing underwear, capable of managing substantial capacity, aiming for around 12,000 panties per month and beyond, especially as they expand into the French market.

Prior experience in the production of menstrual underwear is a plus, though not mandatory. An ability to quickly acquire and master new skills, with impeccable results, is essential.

The partner should be willing to collaborate on both the existing collection and, subsequently, the new models/designs (through mutual consultation).

The company emphasizes the importance of working with sustainable materials, requiring a commitment to utilizing durable fabrics. The prospective collaborator should ensure the delivery of high-quality products, adhering to standards such as Oekotex STANDARD 100, and abstaining from the use of PFAS, PFAO, and PFOS.

Active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - REF BRBE20231207025