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A UK-based SME specialist plastic manufacturers proficient in moulding, production, and overall manufacturing processes for the envisioned sports accessoryspecialising in sports accessories is seeking manufacturing services to produce a plastic handle featuring nylon and stainless-steel bristles via a commercial agreement.

The growing UK sports accessory enterprise, poised for international expansion, is in the throes of creating an innovative sports product. The SME is actively seeking . The collaboration sought is envisioned through a comprehensive commercial agreement.with prospective partners who have a commitment to excellence in mould and plastic manufacturing.

Role of partner;

- To create the mould/tooling for the product.

- Collaborate to optimise the moulding process, creating an efficient mould to reduce both cost and time.

- Manufacture the product in adherence to the highest quality standards.

- Demonstrate prior expertise in moulding and manufacturing.

- Maintain all essential certifications required for product production.

Active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - REF BRGB20231204006