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Express diagnostics of pesticides’ presence in fruits and vegetables

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15 juillet 2021

Date de clôture

30 septembre 2021



Marché(s) cible(s)

Solutions pour les industries agricoles et alimentaires, Logiciels (d'entreprises, e-gov, big data, IA…)

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A Ukrainian company from the agro-food and food service activities field seeks technology for express diagnostics of pesticides’ presence in fruits and vegetables, under technical cooperation or license agreement..

The company seeks industry/academic/research organizations or SMEs for cooperation with the goal of developing the express method of pesticide detection in fruits and vegetables by developing nanosensors and providing real-time data to a customer through the IoT platform.

To achieve this goal the company is looking for a partnership under technical cooperation agreement or license agreement to electrochemical or optical biosensor technology to implement it in the IoT system.

Nb :   active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - TRUA20210622001