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German recruitment agency is looking for European recruitment partners to collaborate under services agreements to recruit workforce for the German job market

This German recruitment agency recruits employees for its clients in Germany in various sectors (among others health care, engineering, food industry, production/manufacture, logistics). They are looking for reliable European partners in the recruitment sector, under services agreements, in order to provide a sufficient workforce for Germany.

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30 juillet 2021

Date de clôture

31 octobre 2021



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Education numérique et formation professionnelle

Type de collaboration recherchée


This German recruitment agency is looking for reliable European partners working in the same field of activity, i.e. recruitment sector. The potential partners must be able to search and find candidates who are willing to work in Germany.

Collaboration in the framework of a service agreement is offered.

Nb :   active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - BRDE20210507001