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Looking for a multi-deployable palletising system

A Dutch SME started in 1936 and has developed into an international market player in the mixing and packing of powder ingredients for the food industry. They operate fully automated dynamic mixers that blend raw materials into a homogeneous mixture.

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11 mai 2020

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31 mai 2020



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The Dutch manufacturer is looking for partners that can design and develop a multi-deployable palletizing system.

A commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought. This technology request is part of an open innovation challenge.

The role of the potential partner could be:

• Joint development of a bag handling system for palletizing bagged powders.

• Logistic solution for ""just in time"" delivery of carriers or pallets to a relevant packaging line.

• Discharge and buffer system from the filling stations to a possible pallet handeling area.

If you are interested, ask to be put in touch with an advisor who can tell you more about this business opportunity and how to position yourself.