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Looking for a processing biomass manufacturer

A Swiss spin-off has developed a catalytic technology to process agricultural/food biomass for the production of prebiotics. They are looking for a contract manufacturer (manufacturing agreement) with experience in processing biomass as a starting material to produce animal feed or food.

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11 mai 2020

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31 mai 2020



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The manufacturer needs to have the equipment to perform the following unit operations:

  • milling of biomass, hydrothermal processing (hydrolysis) in batch reactor(s),
  • filtration, evaporation, drying.

The partner should be a contract manufacturing company or research institution with contract manufacturing facilities & capability to produce feed and/or food products under GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices).

The tasks to be performed by the partner sought:

- (1) Receive raw material from food side streams, and potentially store it in cool temperature (approx. 5°C).

- (2) Optional task: Preprocess the raw material by milling down to 300 microns.

- (3) Add the milled biomass together with the company’s processing aid and water in large (>2m3) reactor vessels.

- (4) Perform the reaction in well stirred reactor for some time at max 145°C temperature, and max 10bar pressure.

- (5) Separate fluid from solids. The desired product is in the liquid phase.

- (6) Evaporate the water from the liquid to concentrate the product.

- (7) Collect the product in powder form by spray-drying (or equivalent)

- (8) Optional task: Package the final powder in air-tight bags to avoid humidity.

If you are interested, ask to be put in touch with an advisor who can tell you more about this business opportunity and how to position yourself.