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Marché(s) cible(s) Loisirs (tourisme, culture)
Type de collaboration recherchée Fournisseur
Lieu Bulgarie

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A Bulgarian producer of a Class D power amplifier that combines vintage preamplifiers for guitar in a single box. The amplifier is comparable to a traditional tube amplifier, but in a smaller and lighter unit.

The product provide the power and quality of a full-sized amp in a highly portable and versatile pedal, catering to the needs of modern guitarists who require mobility without sacrificing tone or functionality. The company is looking for suppliers under manufacturing agreement.

● Components sourcing: Source components like potentiometers, high quality capacitors, resistors and vacuum tubes. Partnering with manufacturers of metal enclosures (sheet metal & aluminum), PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) manufacturers and PCB Assembling factories

● Enhance Product Quality: Collaborate on advanced manufacturing techniques to improve the quality of products.

● Reduce Costs: Work together to optimize production processes and supply chain management, leading to cost reductions.

● Innovate and Develop New Products: Partner in R&D to create innovative products, leveraging the manufacturer's expertise and facilities.

● Expand Product Range: Utilize manufacturing capabilities to diversify and expand the product portfolio.

● Ensure Timely Delivery: Coordinate to streamline production schedules, ensuring efficient and timely product delivery.

● Access to New Technologies: Gain access to the latest manufacturing technologies and materials.

● Sustainability Initiatives: Collaborate on implementing eco-friendly manufacturing practices and materials.

● Customization and Flexibility: Work closely to offer customized product options and adapt to market changes quickly.

Active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - REF BRBG20240129022