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The Belgian SME is a certified specialist in the processing & recycling of metal, electrical, electronic & computer waste. It provides collection, dismantling, crushing & recovery services. The SME recycles plastic (PVC) waste from cables, but these granules have a high phtalate content, making them hazardous waste. Under REACH, their use is regulated but they can be recycled into new products provided they will be used outdoors. The SME is looking for partners to develop such solutions together.

The SME is therefore looking for partners with expertise or needs in using such phtalate contaminated PVC granules to reuse them into outdoor-use new products. They are open for western Europe partners (small and big) as a client of their material but also universities and research centers to study together and improve the quality of material and create a bigger range of product possibilities.

They also have an existing partner for the production of different pieces they have already created with their plastic and that are already on the market. With this partner, they can design pieces for their prospective clients.

Active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - REF TRBE20231116005