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Looking for a new partner active in the manufacturing of industrial products used for operation and maintenance of automated lines and machines

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7 septembre 2020

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30 novembre 2020



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Industries du futur (matériaux et process)

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Exclusive distribution services offered by a Czech company for products related to maintenance of automated lines and machines

The company is offering an exclusive distribution services agreement for products which are not traded on the Czech or Slovak markets.

The expected EU partner, preferably from Germany, should be a manufacturer of industrial products used for the operation and maintenance of machines and automated lines such as industrial lubricants, abrasives, cleaning agents etc.

The Czech company is looking for a communicative partner with fast response, good quality of products and clear targets.

The partner should have transnational cooperation experience and interest to enter the Czech/Slovak market exclusively.

The cooperation would be based preferably on an exclusive distribution services agreement.

If you are interested, ask to be put in touch with an advisor who can tell you more about this business opportunity and how to position yourself.