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Looking for subcontractors from the automotive industry

German company, specialized in metal processing by computer numerical control (CNC), produces, assembles and tests high quality precision parts.

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11 mai 2020

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31 mai 2020



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The company is looking for subcontractors from the automotive industry in all European countries.

Treatments in support of external partners:

  • Case hardening, quantity per part and year: 500000-9 million pieces
  • Carbonitriding, quantity: 800000 - 4 million pieces
  • Anodizing and pickling, quantity: 600000 - 6,5 million pieces
  • Hard anodizing and pickling, quantity: 400000 - 1,7 million pieces
  • Deburring: 100000 - 3,2 m pieces
  • Packaging trays: delivery time: 6 weeks
  • Materials: A-PET (single use), colors: transparent, green, white foamed, black foamed, thickness: 0,4 -1,0 mm
  • PS reg. (single use), colors: black, thickness 0,6-1,5 mm
  • PE (white, reuse), colors: black, thickness: 3,0 mm Quantity per year and type of single use: 2000-1000000 pieces Dimensions: LxWxH up to 380x260x55 mm

Development of new tools in support of the suppliers know-how

The partner should have experience in the automotive industry. He should be relaible and he should have the knowlede to deliver the requested quality on time .

If you are interested, ask to be put in touch with an advisor who can tell you more about this business opportunity and how to position yourself.