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Oxygen-barrier monomaterial film for food (sausage) packaging requested

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14 septembre 2021

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30 novembre 2021



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Solutions pour les industries agricoles et alimentaires

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A Polish association, acting on behalf of its member, looks for an oxygen-barrier monomaterial film intended for the MAP (modified atmosphere) packaging of thin dry smoked pork sausages. The film must be safe for food contact, form a hermetic packaging (100% airtight), keep products fresh for no less than 120 days and fit vertical and horizontal flow pack machines.

The commercial agreement with technical assistance or the technical cooperation agreement are requested.

Type: SMEs and large companies, universities and R&D centres specialised in food packaging technologies.

Role of partner sought (commercial agreement): Partner has to develop and sell the technology of oxygen-barrier monomaterial film (100% airtight), and help to implement it in sausage MAP packaging.

Role of partner sought (technical cooperation agreement): Partner must provide a prototype of an oxygen-barrier monomaterial film (100% airtight) for testing, so the development of the technology can be finalised.

Nb :   active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - TRPL20210816001