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Requirement for a wastewater management solution provider

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28 octobre 2021

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31 janvier 2022


Bhubaneswar, INDE

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Environnement (eau - air - déchets), Ville durable

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Project brief: Restoring Blueways

The projects under the Water Section (SHAPERS) of the CITIIS proposal i.e., Restoring Blueways and Waterfront Promenade will be implemented together. Restoring Blueways will target rejuvenation of Drainage Channel No. 10 and 7 while Waterfront Promenade will only act as a placemaking intervention to provide active public spaces along Drainage Channel No. 10. It’s regarding improving the existing natural drainage sections of Drainage Channel No. 10 and 7, to carry expected runoff of a 2-year return period following the designs provided in the comprehensive drainage master plan and detailed project report, which is already available for the city.

Project Need:

This project concept emerged as a result of on-ground observations and challenges faced during the urban flooding in Bhubaneswar in June 2018 and its devastating impact on human life which left the majority of the areas flooded. It also brought to the forefront the neglected role of open spaces in building resiliency.

Key findings that played a vital role in selection of the proposed project include:

  1. Illegal dumping of waste into the natural drain leading to regular blockage and groundwater contamination.
  2. Direct discharge of untreated sewage into the natural drains.
  3. Nearly 60 % of the city area is under extreme to moderate urban flood risk and the incessant rain coupled with water-logging during recent heavy rainfall triggered urban floods in the city.
  4. Absence of green infrastructure provisions along the street network causing water logging.
  5. Weak institutional capacities for managing public open spaces and inequitable distribution of parks and recreation facilities in the city.

Water Projects (i.e. Restoring Blueways and Waterfront Promenade) the Bhubaneswar Smart City Ltd is seeking support towards identification of bioremedial ways of treating wastewater that are best suited to the existing project site conditions. While the inhouse expertise specialises in core urban placemaking and architectural designing, the fine expertise towards wastewater management and bioremedial solutions is somewhat lacking within our team. The end goal is to rejuvenate the water channel using bio-chemical treatment and subsequently revive the under-utilised spaces along these drainage channels and bring the same under public use.

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