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Russian company engaged in electricity generation is looking for solutions and technology

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6 mai 2021

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31 juillet 2021



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EnR et efficacité énergétique, Environnement (eau - air - déchets)

Type de collaboration recherchée


A Russian company from Moscow is looking for owners of a technology that would allow municipal solid waste to be sorted in order to produce solid recovered fuel (SRF), which will be used to produce electric energy.

The company would be interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance, create a joint venture or license agreements.

Type - SME, large companies

Role - in the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance, a foreign partner will have to supply equipment to Russia and ensure its commissioning and warranty service. As part of a joint venture, a foreign partner together with a Russian company will create a new legal entity in Russia and drag its production to Russia.

Under a license agreement, a foreign partner will transfer exclusive rights to commercialize this technology in Russia.

- The technology should exist on the market.

- The partner should be the owner of the technology for the gasification of SRF. The partner can be the distributor of the sorting line.

- The gasification installation should incinerate the 100,000 tonnes of solid recovered fuel per year.

Nb :   active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - TRRU20210406001