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Seeking partners to measure flows of water in supply systems

The water utility company of Bilbao (Basque Country, north of Spain) has launched a challenge through an open-innovation platform. It deals with determining the magnitude of unregistered water that is lost in supply systems authorized for consumption for a better financial and environmental management. The potential solution will have to be developed via technological and/or research types of cooperation

Publié le

21 octobre 2020

Date de clôture

28 février 2021



Marché(s) cible(s)

Environnement (eau, déchets, air)

Type de collaboration recherchée


The task of the partner sought is to develop partially or totally, a gadget that will measure the wasted water of the underground hydrants effectively and economically; a sustainable device.

It will have to send those values to the Bilbao Water Council daily. The communications network must be energy-saving and reliable.

Such a partner can be an SME, a startup, a university division, an engineering company … any organization involved in sensor science, environmental / communication / instrumentation technologies, IOT, among others.

The type of cooperation is flexible in principle, but as it involves a technological development, it will fall in the realm of a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a research agreement.

The water Council of Bilbao is open to further discuss the kind of agreement once it studies the submitted proposals.

If you are interested, ask to be put in touch with an advisor who can tell you more about this business opportunity and how to position yourself.