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Seeks gift boxes suppliers

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16 septembre 2021

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30 novembre 2021



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Habillement, Produits de décoration

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Irish online retail company seeks an outsourcing agreement from potential partners to supply Irish themed items for giftboxes

This company is seeking an outsourcing agreement to find new and more cost-effective Irish-themed items to be included in its novelty subscription gift boxes.

The cooperation partner would need to be able to manufacture the Irish-themed goods mentioned previously (for example mugs, printed tea towels, small wooden printed signs, flags, custom knitted tea-cosies, clothing, tweed flat caps) and give ideas for new products that they could potentially offer.

- Pricing would need to be very competitive, the products would need to be of the highest standard.

- Quick turnaround and fast delivery options are also major factors.

A cooperation partner is sought to assist in the outsourcing of some of the Irish-themed products that are supplied in the gift boxes.

-In order to scale the company, quantities purchased will need to rise and the unit costs will need to come down so competitive pricing is essential for the partner.

-Product quality and durability is a huge factor and each unit must be manufactured to the highest standard.

-Fast turnaround time is a big factor as this company is turning over products very quickly.

-Delivery to Ireland is also a big requirement.

Nb :   active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - BRIE20200218001