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Seeks technology partnership with innovative aircraft manufacturing and space french companies

The group has played a pivotal role in India’s economic growth and created sustainable value for all its stakeholders through its products and services across ten industries, from building complex bespoke engineering solutions for critical industries like aerospace, defense, energy, automotive to making branded consumer goods like appliances, furniture, locks and security solutions. The group generates revenues of USD 5 billion annually.

They have garnered expertise in the successful development of liquid propulsion engines, defence systems, satellite components and assemblies, and dish antennas with feed systems.

The compagny is also a Tier One manufacturer of precision and hi-tech aerospace components, assemblies, and systems, executing global aerospace projects as well as partnering with global majors like Honeywell, GE, Rolls-Royce, and Boeing for the manufacture of precision components.

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20 août 2021

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31 décembre 2021



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Aéronautique et spatial

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Partnership project :

Explore technology partnership with innovative French companies in 5 focus areas:

a. Sheet metal brackets

b. Complex fabrications

c. Tubes & Ducts

d. Line Replacement Units

e. Rubber & Composites

Explore Transfer of technology partnership with innovative French companies in following areas:

a. Composites

b. Aircraft engines"

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