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Spanish architecture, interior design and furniture design company is looking for manufacturers and suppliers of sustainable, technological and singular products/services

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21 juin 2021

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31 août 2021



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Produits de décoration, Architecture

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A Spanish architecture, interior design, branding and furniture design company is looking for manufacturing and supplying agreements to acquire innovative products/services for its projects.

The SME carries out disruptive sustainable projects in the tourism and residential sector, applying technological innovation when possible. The company is committed to take part in projects that contribute to energy saving and are beneficial to the environment.

"The SME is searching for collaborators and partners that can contribute to the company's expansion to other countries.

The SME is looking for manufacturers and/or suppliers of sustainable, technological and/or singular products/services destined for construction, interior design, and the tourism sector (holiday tourism, hospitality etc.). The company is also open to other types of partnerships; it will consider different profiles.

The partner's role would be to supply and/or manufacture unique products or services that are compatible with the SME's work and projects."

Nb :   active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime -BRES20210405002