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This award-winning start-up produces a unique type of temporary structures based on a compact, sustainable and modular patented scissor design. They can be used as event structures (domes, stages) or curved structures (temp stands). They are looking for partners to develop new projects/solutions together, notably sustainable weaterproof printable covering materials to shelter the inside of the structure as an alternative to common polutiing and not recyclable material like coated PVC and PES.

The Belgian start-up is actively seeking partners to engage in collaborative initiatives for innovation and project development. The sought-after partner should play a pivotal role in: 1) co-designing a membrane that seamlessly integrates with the start-up's structures, considering both aesthetic and structural aspects, and 2) exploring sustainable materials, with a focus on meeting the demands for printed requests. The current practice, despite a significant demand for printed membranes, is deemed unsustainable due to their limited usage duration compared to the membrane lifespan. Consequently, the start-up is in pursuit of environmentally friendly solutions, emphasizing their proficiency in structures over membranes or coverings.

While there are no specific preferences regarding partner countries, proficiency in English is essential for streamlined communication. The envisioned collaboration involves joint product development and commercialization efforts, targeting the specific local market expertise of the partner.

Active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - REF TRBE20231116002