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The italian startup provides AI-aided custom strategies for businesses to solve complex resource planning problems with predictive scenario modelling. The app is already helping teams of over 800 resources within large Public and Private sector organisations to complete their resource planning in seconds.

The company is looking for further use cases (organisation and companies) for entering into a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

The ideal partner is within public sector, healthcare, manufacturing and services to be included in the User Research and to create new case studies. The profiles sought are C-level, Project Manager, Digital Transformation Manager, Operations, IT Manager, Consultants.

The company is looking for new case studies and organisations to include in the User Research.

Main interest is in partnering with organisations and companies for a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The partner is asked to be interested in evaluating whether the proposed technology can benefit their organisation.

Active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - REF TRIT20231030007