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Headquartered in southern Sweden, is a leading player in the food industry, specializing in the manufacture of dietary supplements. With an extensive international presence in countries like Sweden, Norway, China, India, the Middle East, and Africa, The Swedish Company is actively expanding its reach in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The company aims to establish strategic partnerships with contract manufacturers possessing GMP and Halal certifications to enhance its its global market share

A perfect partnership involves a continuous process of communication, collaboration and the pursuit of mutual success. Regular evaluation of performance and joint planning to meet future challenges are key elements in maintaining and strengthening the partnership over time.

A perfect partnership involving manufacturing, purchasing, product delivery, logistics, service and aftermarket is based on cooperation, open communication and mutual trust.

Quality Assurance in Production: Both parties should strive to maintain high quality in the manufacturing process. This includes regular monitoring and improvement of production processes to ensure that products meet specifications.

Strategic Purchasing Decisions: Joint planning of purchasing and production to avoid over- or under-production.

Time-efficient product delivery: Fast and reliable product delivery is necessary to keep inventory costs down and meet customer needs on time.

Efficient Supply Chain: An efficient supply chain is critical to ensure that products reach customers quickly and cost-effectively.

Customer-centric Service: Service should be focused on meeting customers' needs and expectations. Fast and friendly customer support.

Quality Assurance Processes: Regular review and improvement of quality assurance processes to maintain and improve product quality over time.

Continuous Improvement: Both parties should strive for continuous improvement by working together to identify and implement efficiency measures and innovations.

Regular Communication: Open and regular communication between the parties is essential to manage any problems and collaborate on improvements.

Joint Planning and Goals: Collaboration around joint plans and goals is important to ensure long-term success and sustainable partnership.

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