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URGENT Looking for partners for the creation of a novel collection box for electronic waste

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6 mai 2021

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31 juillet 2021



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Environnement (eau - air - déchets)

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As part of an open innovation challenge, the innovation unit of a big Austrian company is looking for technology partners to co-create a new recycling system for the decentralised collection of e-waste.

Requested topics are the design of the e-waste box using new technologies that enable a first-class user experience with a digital interface (customer motivation) and streamlined operations (fill-level etc.).

Commercial agreements with technical assistance or technical cooperations are proposed.

The Austrian company is looking for creative thinkers, designers, developers, start-ups and companies for the co-creation of a novel ""e-waste box"" in the frame of an innovation challenge.

It will support participants with their recycling expertise and will organise workshops and meetings as required. At the end of June, the Austrian company will select 1-3 concepts and will agree with the partners on the financial support they can provide for the development of a physical prototype (e.g. by purchasing necessary components and materials, machine hours in a maker space, etc.).

At the end of the program, the Austrian company would like to have a functional, physical prototype for the overall concept of the e-waste box that they can test and develop further. The goal of the Austrian company is to work together on a solution that ultimately can be implemented within their respective business area and with partners as required.

This means they are interested in a long-term cooperation as well as the use of new technologies in their products and services more generally.

Cooperation might take place in the frame of a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement but other cooperation agreements could also be considered.

Nb :   active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - TRAT20210412001