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Looking for a bottle cap that can also function as a measuring tool

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12 mars 2021

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31 mai 2021



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Solutions pour les industries agricoles et alimentaires

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A Japanese plastic products manufacturer is looking for partners in the EU that can provide food-loss prevention technologies and is specifically interested to co-develop a bottle cap with measuring capabilities

This Japanese company established in 1917 manufactures plastic products including advanced airless bottles which are used for food, cosmetics, and personal care product packaging.

The company is looking for an EU partner that is willing to co-develop or produce a bottle cap that can also function as a measuring tool. The company is generally interested in technologies that prevent food-loss and wiling to engage in license, technical & research cooperation, and commercial agency agreements.

The Japanese company is interested in establishing long-term agreements with potential partners offering technological solutions to food-loss and general packaging issues.

The company is looking to engage in a technical cooperation agreement with a potential partner where the partner does research into the technical possibilities and requirements of the requested technology, a license agreement for existing technology provided by potential partners, or a commercial agreement with technical assistance with a company that is able to develop a measurable bottle that complies with the clients’ demands. The technical assistance necessary would be in the form of detailed knowledge exchange.

Research cooperation could also be an option where both companies bundle their researching capabilities. The company welcomes potential partners in any size, including start-ups.

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