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Looking for a specialist logistic operator offering services to the cultural and creative industries

Spanish company dealing with custom software aimed at the cultural and creative industries

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27 janvier 2020

Date de clôture

30 avril 2020



Marché(s) cible(s)

ITS (transports intelligents)

Type de collaboration recherchée


The company seeks an international logistic operator specialized in handling objects for those industries under a services agreement.

"The partner that the company has in mind is a logistic operator, with expertise in the cultural and creative industries and operating internationally. Special emphasis will be laid on the packaging and transport of delicate objects.

The company would like to engage in a services agreement with the specialist logistic operator, which consists in offering the customers of the company the special services in the field of cultural and creative industries (artworks, handmade crafts, etc..) through an API connected to the software, so that the customers can send their pieces of art through this specialist logistic partner".

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