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Raw materials for the production of sanitary ware requested under manufacturing agreement

A Polish company has been operating in the bathroom furniture and furnishings industry for nearly 10 years. The firm specialises in the production of sanitary ware (washbasins and bathroom countertops).

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9 mars 2020

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30 avril 2020



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Bâtiment et second-œuvre

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They are looking for suppliers of new materials (other than conglomerate or solid surface that they've been using so far) that can be used to manufacture the products. They are interested in the manufacturing agreement.

Type of Partner sought: companies (providers) of raw materials for the production of sanitary ware, particularly of the engineered/agglomerated/artificial stone.

Role of Partner sought: to offer and supply a new material in quantity requested by the company, and to help to introduce it into the production process.

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