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Marché(s) cible(s) Industries du futur (matériaux et process), Automobile
Type de collaboration recherchée Partenaire
Lieu République Tchèque

Présentation de l'entreprise

The company manufactures advanced optical devices for assessing surface cleanliness and detecting oil layers. The devices provide accurate analysis of surface contamination, oil residues, or oxidation layers. The devices can scan either selected areas or complex parts. The devices do not need direct contact or preliminary sample preparation.

The company is looking for a distributor who meets the following criteria: has experience in the field where the devices can be used, has a strong sales and marketing network, respects customer orientation approach, shares the company values, is flexible and adaptable and technologically understands the product as well. Primarily, the ideal partner should have extensive experience in the sale of technical or industrial equipment or have a background in the field of cleaning processes or surface treatments. Currently, the main customer is from automotive where product quality and product cleanliness are critical for automotive painting adhesion.

Active base, the offer may already be filled in the meantime - REF BRCZ20240216004